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"Relevant, timely and as usual ... provocative!"

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An exciting and insightful new approach to many of the Old Testament's ancient mysteries - are they myth or historical fact? Take a tour unlike any other to the real locations of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel and Noah's Ark. Learn who built the Great Pyramid ... and when. Discover all this and more with the Bible itself as your guide through mankind's journey along the highway of history Beyond Eden's Gate.

"A critical read for all critical thinkers"

A good read and thought provoking - Well written and good research —Brian B.

Controversial at the very least ... Madison has done it again. —Tanya Baker, Ph.D

Easy to read, easy to understand. This is my favorite book of 2016. Brilliant. —Diane Spector

Powerful and timely - Science, academia and Scripture are finally in sync. Great work. —Laura O'Connor

Madison’s Beyond Eden's Gate changes How we believe making Why we believe so relevant. —Rev. Darrell Ross

I cannot say this urgently enough: Christians have to read Beyond Eden's Gate. —Brian Arnold

Madison's Beyond Eden's Gate really puts history into context - Excellent!. —Karen Shriver

C. Daniel Madison is a gifted writer - Beyond Eden's Gate is truely exceptional. —Kate Morris

Relevant ... timely ... and as usual, provocative! A critical read for all critical thinkers - believers and non-believers alike. —Edward Bailey

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I'm an engineer by trade with a passion for creative design: It's a left brain/right brain thing. I worked for 25 years in the aerospace and medical imaging industries. I’ve also done web design, graphic illustration, been a political blogger and am well traveled....

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From CHAPTER THREE – The "B" Word

A Partial Timeline (BCE)

  • FLOOD – May 8th, 3536
  • Death of Noah 3186 (lived for 950 years)
  • Tower of Babel August 11th, 3114
  • City of Nineveh - 2998 built by Asshur, descendent of Nimrod
  • Abraham born in 2972
  • Issac born in 2872
  • Jacob born in 2812
  • Joseph (Imhotep) born in 2721
  • Moses (Baufra) born in 2547
  • Joshua born in 2487
  • The Exodus - 2467

From CHAPTER FIVE - Fact vs. Fiction

The Flood - How It Happened

The Bible provides a remarkable amount of detail in the account of Noah’s Flood; the day it started, the day it stopped, how deep the water was and everything concerning how the flood occurred. Why did God feel it necessary that we should know every facet of the flood in such detail? What is He showing us? It’s far more than most of us know or could have imagined. One aspect of the Flood seems to be when it occurred during the year.

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